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All We Have Is Today

All We Have Is Today

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Timing matters when you have a biological clock ticking, when you’ve pictured your life one way but the years slip by and nothing changes.

Anna has been waiting patiently (ok maybe not that patiently) for her boyfriend of five years to be ready for marriage and kids, and at thirty-two she feels that she can’t wait much longer. If he hasn’t realized that she’s ‘the one’ by now, will he ever?

When Anna discovers a poorly hidden diamond ring in Darren’s sock drawer, she realizes the future she’s always dreamed of is about to be hers. With an upcoming trip to Hawaii, she figures that’s where it will happen and she’s right. But when Darren is down on one knee, what he’s proposing isn’t everything she thought it would be and she’s forced to make a choice between the man she loves and the family she’s always dreamed of.

Choosing to stay behind in Hawaii in hopes of gaining clarity, Anna will learn if timing really is everything and if true commitment is a wedding or something else entirely. But before she can make it home, a new variant of COVID triggers a global lockdown. Anna and Darren’s relationship survived the first pandemic…will it survive another?

Exploring themes of motherhood and marriage, All We Have Is Today offers an honest view of what it means to commit yourself to another and how women are seen and feel as girlfriends, wives, mothers or not.

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