Custom Branded Packaging for Small Businesses

Custom Branded Packaging for Small Businesses

With so much shopping done online and an overwhelming amount of businesses to shop from, it is important for your business to stand out. And the shopping experience doesn't end at checkout! This is why it is so important to customize your packaging for a unique and thoughtful unboxing experience for your customer.

In this blog post, I'll offer some simple and cost-effective strategies for customization.

Why Does Customization Matter?

Brand Identity

The delivery of your product to the customer is yet another chance to communicate your brand identity, your company values and personality. Take the opportunity to showcase a commitment to sustainability by choosing eco-friendly packaging. Build excitement for the customer when they find a brightly packaged item in their mailbox. Gain exposure for your brand throughout every touch point in the supply chain with your logo on the packaging.

Unboxing Experience

If you create a fun and exciting unboxing experience, your customers will want to share it. With the prevalence of unboxing videos being shared on social media, there is great opportunity here. Thoughtfully designed packaging can evoke excitement and anticipation which will encourage your customers to share their unboxing moments on social platforms. This user-generated content not only amplifies brand visibility but also fosters a sense of community among customers.

How To Customize Your Packaging

The Package

Packaging is often the first physical touchpoint consumers have with a brand so it should be a positive experience. Often times however, it is not. Most of us are used to receiving orders in plain poly- or bubble mailers. I've had the experience where they are dirty and gritty and a negative tactile experience. While excited to get to the goods inside, I'm often ripping it open quickly so that I don't have to touch it any longer than necessary. And it goes straight into the garbage!

This does not leave a positive impact on me or the environment. So when choosing packaging to ship my book, The Baby Who Refused To Nap, I set out to find packaging that was high quality, sustainable and beautiful.

That's where comes in. Their packaging met all of my requirements and the beautiful designs allow me to communicate my brand identity and personality. When you are selecting your own packaging, utilize vibrant colours or innovative designs to create a memorable experience. Don't forget the key component however - you need to protect your product! I chose the ABC Box for my children's book to ensure that it would deliver in perfect condition.

Beautiful ABC Box Extra Large Box in Cedar Leaf from


The Customization

As an entrepreneur, I couldn't afford to order fully custom boxes so how could I customize my boxes? I partnered with Sticker Canada to create some beautiful, glossy stickers that featured the cover of my book. Putting these right on the shipping box let's the customer know exactly what has arrived in their mailbox and also gets me some exposure as it moves through the mail! 

When the stickers arrived from Sticker Canada I was thoroughly impressed with their high quality product and I would highly recommend them. With so many different options, Sticker Canada can meet any and all of your sticker needs.

Depending upon what you are packaging, there are so many ways that you could implement the stickers. You can place them on the exterior of the box like I did or if you are wrapping your product in tissue paper, you can use the sticker to secure the tissue. If writing thank you cards, you could utilize the sticker to close the envelope or simply include the stickers in the box with the order for the customer to enjoy!

Stunning Glossy Paper, Circle, Kiss Cut Stickers from Sticker Canada on the shipping box and extras included with the order.


The Personalization 

Personalized packaging makes customers feel valued and appreciated. When businesses go the extra mile to tailor packaging to the individual, it strengthens the emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. To achieve this I like to include a hand-written thank you card within the box addressed to the customer.

This is a great way to connect with your customer; it's something that large companies just can't do so I think it makes for an incredibly special touch for small businesses. 

I recently held a Book Launch Event for my newest children's book, The Baby Who Refused To Nap, and I took the time to personalize a gift bag for every guest with a hand-written thank you card included. It took a lot of effort but in the end it was absolutely worth it! It ensured that my gift bags (that included the book inside) really stood out and considering everyone was getting the same product, it was a great way for them to know which one was theirs!

I also took the opportunity to utilize my Sticker Canada stickers to brand the gift bags and the vibrant stickers stood out beautifully against the black craft gift bags. For the names on each bag, I rented a Cricut Joy from the Guelph Tool Library (many cities have tool libraries and I can't tell you how amazing of a community resource they are!) and cut the names out with premium vinyl.


Small Business Branding

To conclude, small businesses can customize their packaging in a cost effective way with Sticker Canada stickers that highlight their logo and/or product. They can stand out against the rest of the mail with unique and beautiful mailers from and they can establish that personal connection with their customers with a personalized thank you card.

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