How To Ask For Books Instead of Cards At Your Baby Shower

Are you having or hosting a baby shower?  Are you thinking that you would like to ask your guests to gift a book instead of a greeting card?  Not sure how to politely phrase it?

Asking attendees of a baby shower to bring a book instead of a card can be a thoughtful and eco-friendly way to contribute to the baby's future library. To do so, consider the following suggestions on how to make the request in a polite and inviting manner:

1. Include a Note in the Invitations:
Inside the baby shower invitations, include a gentle request for guests to bring a book instead of a card. You can include a short and sweet message like:

"In place of a card, we kindly request that you bring a book to start [Baby's Name]'s library. Your well wishes and a favorite story to share are all we need!"

2. Emphasize the Importance of Books:
In your message, highlight the value of books and how they contribute to the child's development and future. Mention that these books will become cherished parts of the baby's life and emphasize the educational and sentimental aspects of the gift.

3. Suggest Personalization:
Encourage guests to write a special message inside the book they choose. For example:

"Feel free to inscribe a personal note on the inside cover, making your gift even more meaningful."

4. Share Bookstore or Registry Information:
If you have specific requests or preferred bookstores or online retailers, you can include this information in the invitation as well:

"You can find a list of our favorite books at [Bookstore Name] or on our registry at [Registry Website]."

5. Be Grateful and Appreciative:
Show your gratitude in advance for the books guests will bring:

"Your thoughtful contribution to our baby's library means the world to us. Thank you for being a part of this special day."

6. Keep It Light and Friendly:
Ensure your message maintains a warm and inviting tone, so guests don't feel pressured:

"We're excited to have you join us and can't wait to see the wonderful stories you choose for our baby."

By following these suggestions and crafting a warm and informative message, you can make the request for books instead of cards a welcomed and meaningful part of your baby shower celebration. It's a simple way to build a beautiful library for the new arrival while involving your loved ones in this special journey.

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